Beautiful Ha Long Bay view from above

From above, new visitors feel the heroic character that has been donated to Ha Long Bay, one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam.

From above, you will feel the beauty of the sea in the sunshine of the new day, and the smallness of man before nature here.
Titop Island, where the famous beach of white sand and blue water, is always the favorite stop for visitors to the bay.


The scene of the blue sky is so beautiful and unique.
It is recognized as a natural wonder of the world, a destination highly regarded by international visitors.
Ba Hang fishing village is also a favorite stop for visitors. In addition to exploring the life of the people, you can also go kayaking to visit nearby caves.
Thousands of islands with all shapes in the middle of the vast sky, creating unique wonders for Ha Long Bay.
Hard to be conquered by this unique beauty.
The adjacent islands create miniature bays, where boats leave anchors.
Sunset on the Bai Chay bridge has a special beauty, passionate people.
When night falls, Ha Long City becomes shimmering.


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