Experience not to be missed when arriving in Halong

Overnight on the boat, enjoy seafood, bathing, squid fishing, visiting Sung Sot cave, kayaking … are activities that make visitors have a full holiday in Ha Long.

Ha Long Bay was voted as one of the new natural wonders of the world and an attractive destination for many. Here, visitors not only admire the majestic scenery but also by many cultural experiences, interesting cuisine.
Visit Sung Sot Cave: Sung Sot Cave is the most popular tourist attraction of Ha Long Bay and is one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam. Come to the cave, visitors can feel the cool air blowing even though the sun is hot outside. Walk through a narrow entrance, you will admire a large space with many stalactites, want to look.
Enjoy seafood: Halong is famous for its variety of seafood. Chefs on the boat can cook a variety of dishes such as steamed fish, steamed fish, soy sauce, grilled oysters … all very fresh.
Sea bathing on Ti Tốp Island: Although the beach is quite small but clean, clear water and not deep, it is an ideal place for tourists to play and swim after a day of sightseeing. In addition, tourists can also climb to the top of the mountain to admire the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Enjoy the sunset and enjoy the wine: While gazing at the magnificent sunsets on the beautiful islands of Halong, you can enjoy some red wine, chats and letters. relax.

Overnight on the cruise: After enjoying a refreshing dip in the melodious music, guests can enjoy a variety of exciting activities including karaoke, squash, Sleeping on The Viet Beauty boat is luxuriously wood-plated, with windows designed to allow visitors to view the scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Morning training: In the early morning, you can attend the nursing school in the open air between the sea of Ha Long. This experience gives the visitor a relaxed, calm mind.

Visiting the Pearl Village: The pearl cultivation complex in Tung Saong is the favorite destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. Here, you will learn the culture process, learn pearls and can buy as gifts for family, friends.

Kayaking: For kayak enthusiasts, kayaking is a must do when visiting Ha Long Bay. Going on a small boat amidst the vast, majestic scenery, enjoying the feeling of freedom, the vastness is an unforgettable experience for visitors.

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