Reunion and Calligraphy Exhibition in Tuan Chau

On July 7th, at Tuan Chau Park, Tuan Chau International Resort, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh, Tuan Chau Group held the Opening Ceremony of the Jamboree and Calligraphy Exhibition.

The meeting and the calligraphy exhibition is a special cultural event held by Tuan Chau Group to honor, promote and introduce the beauty of culture, country and people of Vietnam through technology. Calligraphy, is a chance for domestic and foreign tourists to come to Tuan Chau, Ha Long understand and love the richness, clarity of Vietnamese and Vietnamese people. This is one of the cultural activities in response to the National Tourism Year 2018 – Ha Long – Quang Ninh.

The program is also a chance for the people from regions, regions and calligraphic lovers exchange, share experiences, develop calligraphy art, bring Vietnamese calligraphy closer and more familiar to life. .

At the opening, visitors can see nearly 100 calligraphy paintings with the theme “human, love and life” containing the soul, the spirit of the writer and enjoy the entertainment, delivered Save the calligraphers to receive the calligraphy for free.

Meetings and Exhibitions Calligraphy Exhibition takes place in three days (7-9 / 7/2018) in Tuan Chau Park, along with this event, visitors also visit the physical park, see chapter dolphins, seals, sea lions, 9D movies that take part in the most intense indoor and outdoor games …

Some pictures of the program:

Director of Tuan Chau International Amusement Park opened the speech


Calligrapher Nguyen Phuc Vinh Tho represents 16 calligraphers for Tuan Chau Group

Calligraphers are open


16 masters – calligraphers from the provinces of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Quang Nam, Hue, Quang Tri
During the opening ceremony, many visitors received the gift of meaningful calligraphy


Ladies and gentlemen give free speech to guests

Calligraphers in exhibits

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