Tuan Chau – Cat Ba: Opportunity to enjoy Ha Long Bay – A journey connecting two heritage areas

Blue sky, green mountains, glittering water, Ha Long Bay space as a painting of water charming, sparkling charm. Sitting on the Tuan Chau – Cat Ba ferry, visitors are not surprised with the new attractive experience, get along with the wonders, touching this fascinating beautiful heritage painting. .

        Tuan Chau – Cat Ba Bay: the only road in the sea Vietnam connects two heritage regions, the natural wonders of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba island. Rather than sit in a closed cabin with limited visibility on the ships , on this itinerary, visitors will be exposed to the grandeur of the grandiose beauty. of Ha Long Bay. The picture of nature is beautiful, splendid from all angles as calling for human imagination.

 Tuan Chau-Cat Ba ferry operates from 7am, every day from 10 -15 flights, picking up thousands of passengers. The ferry has enough facilities to serve visitors.

To meet the increasing demand of tourists and people in the region, Tuan Chau Group has continuously upgraded and built ferry boats in order to bring more satisfaction to customers. .

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