Tuan Chau Group grants support to the Children’s Council of the province and presents gifts to children and young people

On the occasion of the 128th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, 77 years of Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Union, on 29th May, the Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee, Ninh XXVI, commend students in difficult circumstances overcome the good school year III-2018.

Representatives of good children of Uncle Ho, children of ethnic minorities, children in difficult circumstances, overcome good school was praised at the congress.

Attending the meeting were: Nguyen Van Read, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People’s Council; Nguyen Duc Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council; Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee; leaders of provincial departments, unions and more than 170 delegates who are good at Uncle Ho, children overcome good study in the province.

In the past two years, the work of the Quang Ninh Children’s Movement and Team has been characterized by the campaign “The children of Quang Ninh emulate five things Uncle Ho taught” was implemented by the children. , effective. Team movements such as “Gratitude,” “For the poor,” “Good for a thousand,” “Small plan,” “Teamwork,” “Good words, good work.” The students themselves make contribution to nurture the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, love for themselves, the future owners of the province, the country.

Comrade Nguyen Van Read, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council, awarded the honorable delegates of Uncle Ho.

Along with learning, students have been involved in many useful training activities such as the “Summer Camps” program, skill camps, life skills courses, resource activities, exploration and experience the countryside, the sacred spiritual frontier … in the summer. Many meaningful programs such as “Lighting the dream”, “Keeping children in difficult situations” is also implemented effectively, contributing to supporting and encouraging children with special circumstances difficult. Both physical and mental, help the children confident, firm steps to school, high achievement in learning, training.

The congress is a large and profound political activity of all levels of the army and its members, adolescents and children. This is a chance for the team members and children of Quang Ninh province to compete for high achievements in learning, training, combining the brilliant flowers to the Party and Uncle Ho beloved.

Twenty teams in charge of excellence were rewarded at the convention.

Excitedly, excited by the results of striving and training of children in Quang Ninh, Mr. Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, emphasized: The children present at the hall today is evidence The most dynamic results of training, training of children Quang Ninh. The children here are excellent team members or excellent team leaders, good students at all levels. They are all good children, good at respecting grandparents, parents, teachers; know love help friends, children, brave rescue you when in distress; Persistence, efforts to overcome difficulties to achieve high achievement in the academic contests, culture, arts, physical education, sports.

In order to contribute to meet the needs of spiritual and physical activities, physical training for the people and children in the province, in the past years, the province has invested in building a new system of cultural institutions. – sports, with a lot of play items, entertainment for the bar, children. Along with investment in infrastructure and cultural institutions, the province has paid much attention, directed and paid much attention to Doan Do Team. grandchildren; direct and create a mechanism for the establishment of the Council for Children – a model for promoting the right of children to participate in social affairs; To support the fund for organizing educational activities for children and youths in the summer. These activities have affirmed the care and concern of the province to the material and spiritual life of children and youth.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee requested to maintain regular models, activities and movements of the team, creating a safe and healthy environment for the children to be assured of learning and playing; To effectively implement activities of managing education for children and youth in the summer. At the same time, to pay more attention to investment in material facilities, schools, children’s houses, playgrounds, etc., to create healthy living conditions, take care of health, injuries and other negative phenomena that harm children.

He also asked the Party committees and local authorities to continue to pay attention and direct the activities of the Doan Doi organization in the locality; To create conditions on mechanisms and resources to take care of further investment in the work of child protection, care and education.

Au Lac Tuan Chau Company Limited grants support to the Children’s Council model of the province and presents gifts to children and children.

At the congress, 170 good children of Uncle Ho, children of ethnic minorities, disadvantaged children, overcome difficult to study well and 20 subordinates to avoid the typical team has been commended, rewarded.

On this occasion, Au Lac Tuan Chau Co., Ltd has donated 100 million VND to support the model of Children’s Council and 500 million VND to support children’s camp at Tuan Chau for children and youths.

Previously, on 29/5, the delegate gratitude Uncle Ho came to offer incense and the public at the memorial hero martyrs of Ha Long City; Encourage and give gifts to Vietnamese Mother Nguyen Thi Thuc Nguyen (Section 7, Cao Xanh Ward, Ha Long City)


According to Quang Ninh Newspaper

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