Tuan Chau paradise – Ha Long beach

Located on the island of Tuan Chau Island, on the edge of heritage, natural wonders in Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau beach with smooth white sand beach, clear blue water stretching more than 5km open free service for free guests and people in the area.

        Tuan Chau Group has invested in upgrading and expanding the beach and services such as parking lot, fresh water bath, food service counter, bar, coffee, lounge … serve guests.

Tuan Chau beach

  The beach has a moderate slope, safe, visitors can freely drop into the sea of fresh water or participate in sports activities, beach recreation such as team biuding, surfing, ball passing the beach … or back on the smooth sand mattress as velvet to enjoy the fresh air, dissolve the same nature of wonders.

        Located beside the beach is a complex of entertainment services such as: Tuan Chau park with dolphin clubs, seals, lions; intense indoor and outdoor games; movie theater 9D; the physical park; spiritual tourism; International port of Tuan Chau; Tuan Chau-Cat Ba ferry. Next time, show performances of the “Hello Ha Long” real estate and dragon park will also come into operation to serve all needs when coming to Tuan Chau-Ha Long.


Tuan Chau Halong free beach

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